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Invisible Dark Matter
Black Box, Münster
Black Box, Münster


new music - performance
 Michael Kolberg 
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live-performance Invisible Dark Matter

Due to the corona virus, the outstanding appointments will be put on hold for the time being and announced again in due course.


n.a., Black Box , Münster
n.a., Black Box , Münster
Do, Jan 25 2020, gallery hase29 , Osnabrück, start 8 p.m.

kolberg + stern's performance concert in a new and expanded form, this time in the gallery hase29 of the Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück. North American poetry at its finest, translated into sounds and images, a trip into space and the cosmos of the human soul ...
Invisible Dark Matter, come, see, take off!

review: Music against Fear

This interview has been recorded by

Contraste - Contemporary Improvised Music

So, Jan 12 2020, Black Box des cuba cultur , Münster, 6 p.m.

... our traditional New Year's concert of the IIM: the cream of the improvisation scene of the entire region (from Osnabrück, Münster, Bielefeld etc.) meets in the black box and offers in large and small groups a unique insight into the worlds of new improvised music.

Please note the employee-friendly starting time from 6 p.m. !

"Your music is moving and evocative and I am certain Mom is looking down with approval." (Linda Gray Sexton)

Klaus Wallmeier (photo: Reiner Schönfeld)  photo: Schönfeld

CD-project Songs of Life and Death

After more than two years of preparation and work on Monday, November 04 2019, our musical Tribute to the American poet Anne Sexton has been published by Aisthesis -Verlag.

You may order the CD from us by mail, from the bookseller or directly from Aithesis-publisher's .

gardens music

... on tour. Lately played spontaneously in the open field at Ben Uhlenbrocks atelier ...

Photo: Nils

... last impressions of a golden October ...

Do, Oct 24 2019 , from 6 p.m. Nerd-Lounge
from 8 p.m. Session, Black Box , Münster

Do, Oct 24 2019 , from 6 p.m., Black Box 

organized by the IIM with the support of
Kulturamt Münster:


is a forum for the study of electronic music and sound art. Anyone and anyone with electricity-powered instruments is invited to participate. What is special is the division into two sections: the first part (from 6 p.m.) is about technical discussions and exchange about music technology, from 8 p.m. there is musical jamming ...

Further information is available from cuba-cultur  or from me (contact).

gardens music

Michael Kolberg - e-guitar, elektronics
So, Jul 14 2019, from 2 p.m., Kulturgut Nottbeck, Oelde-Stromberg

Walk through the early summer garden of the Kulturgut Nottbeck ...

A musician is playing in part of the garden on the cultural property. The sounds waving across are an enriching part of the garden.

Enjoy the garden on this beautiful day and let yourself be enchanted by the connection between nature and sound or sit down a little with the musician and listen to the extraordinary sound world of music.

Sa, June 29, 2019 , 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
So, June 30, 2019 , 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Black Box , Münster

Sa, 29.6.2019 , 17-21 Uhr
So, 30.6.2019 , 10-16 Uhr, Black Box 

Dear friends,
with the support of the Kulturamt Münster I am conducting this workshop:

elektroFlux-Workshop: max power - low cost

soundprocessing with Linux

Turn a small laptop into a great sound machine?
Free of charge? No problem !

Workshop in two parts:
Saturday: installation-party with many valuable tips about Linux,
Sunday: configuration and introduction to the programs.
bring along: fun, interest, if available: laptop, USB stick, audio interface.

Further information is available from cuba-cultur  or from me (contact).

Joachim Zoepf solo - Sax & live-electronics
Michael Kolberg solo - ControlFreak

Photo: Ralf Emmerich  

So, Mar 03 2019, 6 p.m.
Black Box, cuba cultur , Münster

still lifes, sometimes heavily crushed

... between New Music and New Improvised Music, inspired by Bela Bartok to Kurt Cobaine,
there is always a nice place where you can start a robust UFO ... !!!

In the series Stage Off Limits of the Black Box in Münster I perform a double concert with the saxophonist Joachim Zoepf.

Please note the employee-friendly starting time from 6 p.m.


Photo: Reyer Boxem  

Di, May 09 2017, 7 p.m.
Black Box, cuba cultur , Münster

The next performance will be multimedia and will focus on "audiovisual poetry" as part of Poetry 2017. Anna and I have invited the Dutch artist Klaske Oenema to give us a double concert on May 9th.

For this reason, admission to this evening is at 7 p.m.!

Klaske will start the evening with one of her unique performances. With this wonderful video clip  she introduces her art on the internet.

In the second part of the evening you will experience kolberg+stern  at their best! The most exciting pieces and most beautiful poems of recent times with video projections.

We look forward to seeing you!

Ticket pre-orders by calling +49 251 54895.

Guitar Trio with No Fancy Name

is a set of three Münster-based guitarists aligned to free improv, noise and string theory. Lumped space burbles from scratching fingers, plastic triangles and HAL’s creeped Rechnungings. It’s Matthew Grigg, Erhard Hirt and Michael Kolberg who move the particles in this great trio.

Matthew Grigg (UK), Erhard Hirt (D), Michael Kolberg (D)

So, Aug 09 2015, Ausstellungshalle Am Hawerkamp, Münster, 6 p.m. 


Sa, May 03 2015, Black Box, cuba cultur , Münster, 8 p.m.

As a part of the soundtrip series  I play in the second part of the evening as a local guest musician with THE ZOO (Liz Allbee, trumpet & shell horn, and Michael Vorfeld, percussion & stringed instruments). I am really looking forward to it, it is guaranteed to be an exciting evening!

invisible dark matter

kolberg+stern featuring schneider present an excerpt of our new show invisible dark matter 

Sa, Feb 28 2015, Black Box,cuba, Münster, 8 p.m.

In the lovely theatre "" we invite you to take a first glimpse at our new show, a wild mixture of concert, reading and live-projection, still a work in progress.


Sa, Jan 04 2015, Black Box,cuba, Münster, 8 p.m.

invisible dark matter

kolberg+stern featuring haller, hirzel and schneider present an excerpt of our new show invisible dark matter 

Sa, Oct 11 2014, Kleiner Bühnenboden, Münster, 8:30 p.m.

In the lovely theatre "Der Kleine Bühnenboden" we invite you to take a first glimpse at our new show, a wild mixture of concert, reading and live-projection, still a work in progress.

Hans W. Koch und Michael Kolberg

Met at the weekend Hans W. Koch  and performed with him on Jun 1, 2014 . Has been a very special moment. Actually, the date should be a workshop in the SOUNDSEEING V -series, but I've been the only participant. Hans and I got along very well and given an spontaneously duo concert with his instruments.

Elf Visionen in the press

There has been a very wonderful press article (in German) about the concert on May 3, 2014  at the Kleiner Bühnenboden  ...

Elven Visions

Elven Visions is the titel of the new performance-project of the austrian artist Hape Schreiberhuber with peoms from Rainer Maria Rilke. ( )
At May 03, 2014  he is acting in Münster at the Kleinen Bühnenboden  together with Michael Kolberg playing guitar.

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